The Airport Terminal Building, designed by Messrs. Hening and Chitty and built by Messrs. Sadler and Company, was opened in 1939 and became a Listed Building in 1996. Efforts to preserve it continued long after the airport had closed, but despite its Grade II Listing it was eventually demolished by its owners in 2005.

Photo taken on 14th May 2005 showing demolition work on the Terminal Building

The whole of the northern wing has gone, along with the northern end of the main wing, just leaving the lower wall of the western wall.
Also gone is the cottage on the Southern wing, and the lower part of the Eastern wall of what remains of the main wing.

Further Photo taken on 25th May 2005

The part of the roof over the large upstairs room has now gone, along with the upper eastern wall.
Opening into the cellars can be seen to two places.
Also footings of some of the new buildings can been seen.

Further Photo taken on 18th June 2005

All of the main building has now been demolished, except for the block containing the squash courts, and the ground floor of the western wall
Also footings can been seen at the northern end for the start of the "rebuild"

Further Photo taken on 20th November 2005

The "Rebuild" is well underway with the Northern End up to the 2nd story although the Southern end still at ground level.

Further Photo taken on 5th March 2006

The Northern (externally) now looking fairly complete with roof, windows, doors and mock "Control Tower" - Still much to do at the eastern end though

Further Photo taken on 3rd June 2006

Further Photo taken on 30th July 2006

Further Photo taken on 29th October 2006

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